Thursday, September 10, 2009

Berggen, Norway

Our first stop of the cruise was Berggen, Norway. Apparently Berggen sees 300 days of rain a year, so we weren't surprised to spend the day cold and wet.

This is the entrance to the tram we rode to the top of Mount Floyn. We could have walked, but opted for a ride since the weather was so rainy.
From the top, we got an incredible view of the city.Jonathan gets tired of me making him take kissing pictures everywhere...but I do it anyway.
We decided to walk to the pond.

A Christmas tree in the wild!!!

We found this friendly bear at an even smaller pond we walked to.

We stopped for some coffee to warm up once we came down the mountain. Jonathan was actually not disappointed by the espresso!
I like this picture because it shows pretty clearly how I feel about posing next to seal skin for a picture.
The fish market was amazing! We didn't eat anything, but they had everything from crab to salmon, to lobster, to whale!

If you look really closely here, you can see a rainbow!

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