Thursday, September 10, 2009

Copenhagen, Denmark

After CELTA finished, Jonathan and I found an incredibly cheap deal for a 5 night cruise to Scandinavia that we couldn't pass up. The cruise left from Copenhagen, Denmark so we spent a day and a half exploring the city. (These panoramic photos are always really small, but if you click on them, they should become bigger.)
This is the B&B we stayed at. It was great because it had a kitchen, so we ate most of our meals at home. The lady who ran it was a retired music professor.
Our first day in Copenhagen, we discovered the BEST TARTS ever. We went back the next day for more.

The first thing we did was climb up to the top of this church. Most of the climbing is done outside of the building.

We made it to the top, but clung to the rail for dear life because it was so windy up there!

This is what the inside part of the hike to the top looked like.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city full of canals and little cafes on the sidewalks.

This is all we could get of the Freetown of Christiana, because once we entered, photography was forbidden. It's an alternative society that was started in the 60's and 70's. I guess they don't pay taxes and live a mostly hippie/drug-induced/communal lifestyle. As we came into Copenhagen, we noticed graffiti everywhere. The first thing we saw when we walked into the town was a table full of spraypaint for sale.

Here's a picture of the famous Little Mermaid. We weren't that impressed.

The clouds were amazing!
Here's a distant picture of the church we climbed to the top of.
Old lady on a bike. We couldn't resist the photo op!

Hans Christian Andersen's house.

We finished the day with a visit to the Carlsburg Brewery.
We didn't take the tour, but we did enjoy some beer. I got a stout and actually liked it!

We found a great neighborhood to walk through before we took the train back to our B&B.


the Beckster said...

hey! my dad's fam is danish...always wanted to visit copenhagen! loved the pics!

Anonymous said...

Was very exciting to see the inside of your hike to the top of that church. I now remember how anxious it made us feel. Some other visitors could not even continue.
Carlsburg brewery very nice. Makes me remember very large "Time Square"esque Carlsburg advert in the busiest square (don't remmber name). It said, "Carlsburg Beer, PERHAPS the greatest beer in the world"
Very funny how unassuming they were in such a large ad.