Thursday, September 10, 2009

Geiranger, Norway

This was, by far, our favorite place to visit. We opted to explore on our own rather than paying for a bus ride up to view a glacier. Our hike to a waterfall was well worth it. I think we ended up going about 12 kilometers altogether so we were worn out by the end.

First we hiked past the "famous" octagonal church. The view was pretty spectacular (obviously).

Then, we hiked up to this farm. Turns out hiking straight up a fjord isn't as easy as it looks! (The farm is the far away barn, not the one close up.)

We found the farm with our noses first, but were delighted to see the animals.I felt a little bit like I was in the movie Heidi. Jonathan dared me to shout "Ricola," but seeing as how we weren't in the Swiss Alps, I didn't.
Apparently everyone grows grass on their roof for insulation and when the grass grows too tall, they just stick their sheep on the roof to trim it down a bit.
Then, we went with the shorter but more difficult trail to the waterfall.
If you look closely, there's a stream coming from under this fence.

Jonathan kept trying to drink from all of the creeks but I managed to keep him from it. We found out later that this spring he's dipping his head in actually has drinkable water.

And first sight of the waterfall!

We actually got to walk down and behind the water too!

I think this is our favorite picture of the trip.

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