Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, after about 11 weeks of unemployment and 3 intensive weeks of job searches, Jonathan and I got jobs!

We were offered a job on the spot by a big language school in Istanbul called English Time. All things considered, it couldn't be a better position.

We were able to get positions at the same branch location, which is only about 10 minutes away from our apartment and they also promised us the same days off during the week. We'll be getting paid the highest rate for beginning teachers, each get a monthly stipend for living expenses, and a couple of bonuses for completing our 10 month contract. They are also getting us our residency permits and work VISA's. Though we still won't be making what we did in the states, we have very few expenses here, so we'll be comfortable financially.

The schedule is going to take some adjusting to. We'll be teaching 25-35 hours a week (which means LONG hours for teachers who aren't used to writing lesson plans),. We'll also be working every weekend, with split schedules during the week (meaning, we'll teach in the morning, have 5 or so hours off, and teach again in the evening). But, we'll be doing it together, so I'm not worried.

We're signing our contract today and will probably know more details about our start date soon. Thanks for your prayers!

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Stacee said...

Congrats! Are you guys going to have any weekends off so we can come visit you?