Monday, October 05, 2009

Alternative Healthcare

A little over a year ago, Jonathan and I re-evaluated our Kaiser healthcare plan through my work. Neither of us go to the doctor more than once a year (if that), but we were paying over $100 a month for our coverage. We had no idea where the money we were paying went, but figured it was probably not going somewhere that we felt really good about.

When it came time to renew our coverage, Jonathan and I started researching some alternative options. We considered turning down coverage altogether, but didn't want to leave our families in a tough situation if something really bad happened. Then, we came across Christian Healthcare Ministries, a non-insurance, cost-sharing program. Every month, we send in a certain amount of money, and it's put into a pool that is distributed directly to other members who have medical needs. We joined a little over a year ago and though neither of us has been to the doctor since, we've felt really good about where the money we send in monthly goes.

A couple of months ago, CNN did a spread on it as well and it's really worth checking out.

It's great to believe in a company we give so much money to.

P.S. If the link doesn't work, google "Christian Healthcare Ministries CNN." Youtube is blocked in Turkey, so I can't actually watch it from my computer.

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