Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still Here!

Sorry we haven't been blogging much.

Our teaching jobs have been taking up much more time than we thought! At the moment, Jonathan and I are both teaching 33 hours a week. So...33 hours of teaching + 2ish hours of lesson planning per class = around 55 hours of work a week (well, 33 hours of paid work and 20 hours of unpaid work). All in all, we're getting the hang of it.

Some of our favorite stories (or the ones we can remember at the moment):
-In talking about gambling, one student mentioned it was "satanic". I explained to him that it's a very strong word to use and if he felt that way, he should call it evil. He listened to me talk about it for a long time and when I was finished, he clarified that he actually said, "sechenik". This word means "choice" in Turkish--NOT satanic in English.
-When learning the present continuous form, one of Jonathan's students happily wrote, "I am going to Abaddon." Jonathan corrected her, teaching her to say, "I am going to hell." He didn't realized until later that she was probably trying to say something else.
-Students tend to confuse their possessive pronouns (my, yours, ours, etc.). I've heard things from, "I will cut your hair" to "Do you want to wash my hands" to "His girlfriend keeps calling me."

On another note, we moved into a new apartment on Thursday. It's a small 1 bedroom apartment in a different area of Istanbul. It's 10 minute walk to work and a 5 minute walk to Starbucks! The apartment itself is a bit dodgy, but we love the location. More on the new apartment soon!

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