Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pizza Town

The latest ESL class funny...

So I asked my Level 1 class to split into groups and decide what country of the world they wanted to visit and why. Here's my conversation with one group member:

Jonathan: "What country does your group want to visit?"
Ozgur: "Italy."
Jonathan: "Why?"
Ozgur: "We want to see Pizza Town."
Jonathan: (I thought, Italy... pizza... makes sense.) "Is that a city in Italy?"
Ozgur: "No city. Town."
Jonathan: "A town is a small city."
Ozgur: "No. Not city. Building."
Jonathan: (Building?) "What?
Ozgur: (holds up his hand at a slant) "Pizza Town."
Jonathan: (I think for a second and then the realization hits me...) "You mean the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!"

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