Friday, March 12, 2010

i think this is turning into a baby blog

When I lived in Egypt, I didn't have enough time to write down all of the great and interesting stories I had. But since then, for some reason, there's been a lull in blog-worthy writing. So, as most mothers-to-be do, it's time to write about pregnancy.

Prior to me being pregnant, I never read any baby blogs and I got a little bored talking about babies for long amounts of time. So...if you're one of those people...I'm terribly sorry! I'll try to post about some other things every once in awhile too!

I'm at 17ish weeks and proud to say I haven't thrown up in 1 1/2 weeks! Success!!!

And...I've had 2 people ask me if I'm pregnant. The first was a Goodwill employee a couple of weeks ago. When she asked, I replied, "Yes...I can't believe you had the guts to ask me that!" She didn't get why I was so surprised. Then, she told me I was really small for 16 weeks.

The other person who asked me was a Goodwill participant. (Yes, Goodwill couldn't get enough of me and brought me back to job coach for the month of March. If only I okay about writing about clients on my blog, I would have an incredible list of blog-worthy stories!) He only speaks Spanish, and I understand some Spanish and speak very little. Through his actions, I was able to infer that he was asking if I'm pregnant and when I said yes, this late-20's man got giddy, started jumping around and giggling, saying "Sarita! Chiquita! Sarita! Chiquita!" Since then, every day I see him, he pulls out a magazine picture of a little girl, and in broken English tells me it's his son. You never know what pregnancy will bring out of people.

As far as cravings, I drink ridiculous amounts of milk. At least 3 big glasses a day. I never really drank milk before pregnancy, but now, I can't get enough of it! And...I invested in my first pair of maternity pants yesterday. I figure if I just wait out the rest of spring/winter, I can spend the summer in comfy skirts and dresses and avoid maternity fashion altogether.

Here are some pics of my progress so far.

15 weeks (when I "popped")

16 1/2 weeks

And my favorite...what I see when I look down.

Jonathan being goofy. I think he's finally past the point of believing that I"m not actually pushing out my stomach when I have him look at Baby's growth.


Lauren said...

I LOVE the picture that is your view! It's true, you never know what pregnancy will bring out of people.

Katy said...

This makes me chuckle! A few things that I agree with:

I COULD NOT get enough milk for the first few months! I was drinking a gallon a week for a while. Once the heartburn started and I lived on Tums for a bit, I didn't want milk so much. Once the heartburn was bad enough that I went on Zantac (so no more Tums), I needed milk again! Baby needs some calcium!

People go crazy over preggos. Women in the grocery store would come up and give me hugs and tell me all about all of their pregnancies and births, cashiers would get really awkward and not know whether to ask about it or not, and everyone and their mom would tell me the worst story they'd ever heard about birth/pregnancy/what can go wrong/how hard it was going to be later. Why do they feel the need to freak out an already hormonal lady? Who knows!

I love you and your husband and your precious little bitty! Love love!