Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Wrap

Surprise!!! Believe it or not, I still exist. Though I've taken a brief hiatus from all things crafty, I think I'm back. I have little time, but LOTS of ideas. I also have a sewing machine again, and Joannes and Hobby Lobby are right on the way home from work.

Most of my projects are probably going to change into baby projects seeing as how I've only got 4 months left to finish everything for our sweet girl.

I decided to step back into the world of sewing with an easy project. This is a baby wrap (otherwise known as the $40 Moby wrap), except I made it for about $3.50 since I bought the jersey knit as a remnant.

It's easy as pie to make. I think it took longer to figure out how to put on Jonathan than it actually took me to make it. I'm sure an actually baby will make it even more difficult, but it's worth it! And by the way, Jonathan was so excited about it, he grabbed it and put it on himself before I could even try it out!

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