Friday, May 28, 2010

And The Verdict Is...

"You're fine. You don't have gestational diabetes."

That's all the OB nurse said to me when I asked her today. I was hoping for a "Congratulations!" or "Way to go, champ." But all I got was a simple "okay" lab result. She must have never taken the test and doesn't realize what it means to go on a 72 hour sugar binge.

My arms, on the other hand, are still feeling the results of a few too many pokes.
The usual lab tech was out that day, so I got someone who usually does another job...clearly. There was a lot of poking and prodding for blood during my second pokes.

No worries though. I'm back to my usual healthy, but sometimes sugary diet.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sugar Binge: Day 3

I'm so happy today is the final day of the sugar binge. I'm not sure I could have done it another day. I definitely went into a sugar mania today. I talked at lightning speed and definitely lacked patience in dealing with participants at work today. My co-workers laughed and at least one participant cried (though he did bring the fury upon himself!).

Weigh-in: I forgot...
Weigh-out: 164lbs. (I think my belly button went from an innie to an outie today.)

Breakfast: bagel and cream cheese and 1/2 caf coffee
-feeling: surprisingly hungry after my breakfast

Snack 1: cherry coke and yogurt (the yogurt didn't count as a sugar food)
-feeling: slightly maniacal

Lunch: Turkey sandwich
-yummy!!! real food to slow my talking speed just slightly

Snack 2: Strawberry pie
-feeling: in a hyper, sugary fog. Very heartburn-y.

Snack 3.1: Candy bar
-feeling: hungry. I talked Jonathan's ear off for a good 45 minutes while we drove to meet Alex, our newest little nephew!

Isn't he adorable???

Dinner: Pho
-feeling: full. If rice noodles don't count as a bread or a starch, I don't want to know about it.

Snack 4: bubble tea
-feeling: full still. If bubble tea doesn't count as a sugary snack, it at least counts as a starch with all of the tapioca balls at the bottom.

Snack 3.2: banana (and Tums)
-feeling: sick and tired of eating. Actually looking forward to not being allowed to eat until at least 11am tomorrow.

Jonathan's comments:
"I feel like I could throw up for you."

Sarah's best conversation of the day:
Participant: "I need to go to the hospital."
Sarah: "What? Why? What's wrong? What happened? I don't understand what you're talking about."
Participant: "My cat bit me and I need to go to the doctor."
Sarah: "I don't understand. What's going on? You have to go to the emergency room? I don't know what to do."
Participant: (sighs and rubs his head in annoyance)
Sarah: "I'm really sorry I don't know what you're talking about. I've had too much sugar today and I can't think clearly. You're going to have to start over and explain it to me in more detail."
Participant: "I. need. to. go. to. the. hospital. because. my. cat. bit. me. and. i. think. my. hand. is. infected. I. need. to. be. dropped. off. at. home. early."
Sarah: "Oh, okay, okay, okay. Let me help you out there. Yeah, cat bites are rough. Where are you going to the hospital? Do you have a car to drive yourself? Who should I talk to to get you dropped off early?"
Participant: (sighs again) I. have. a. car. Can. you. ask. the. van. driver. to. drop. me. off. first
Sarah: "Oh yeah, sure. Why didn't you ask me in the first place? (Sarah runs off with Participant trailing behind.)

Burp Cloths

I might have gotten a bit carried away with $1.99/yd flannel a couple of weeks ago. A great sale turned into about 26 burp cloths. I'm hoping that's enough for Aurora and a few gifts as well. I followed this great tutorial (from one of my favorite blogs). I changed it a bit and just made squares, though I rounded the edges. It took me a few hours to make all 26, but I bet 1 burp cloth could be made in 5-10 minutes. I love easy projects!
Sorry about the terrible lighting. Our apartment gets enough natural light for us to function in, but not enough for good pictures.
I had to wash the burp cloths a couple of times to fray the ends, and it's clear that $1.99/yd flannel doesn't wash very well. Oh well, it would look like that eventually!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sugar Binge: Day 2

Today was easier than yesterday, probably because I was at work. I was kind of surprised that I wasn't more full than I was. I ate about as much as I normally do, except it was all sugar and calories rather than fruit and veggies. The high of the day was probably the strawberry pie. The low is definitely that I never really knew what heartburn was until today. (That could just be pregnancy too, though.)

Here you have it:
Weigh-in: 160lbs (to be fair, it was 162 before I went to bed last night)

Breakfast: bagel and cream cheese
-feeling: great! I love bagels!!!!

Snack 1: tapioca pudding
-feeling: fine. Not exactly what I wanted for a morning snack, but it was fine.

Snack 2: grape juice
-feeling: I remember this tasting a lot better when I was 12. Hmmm, what's that slight burning sensation in my chest?

Lunch: baked potato with Ranch and Salsa
-feeling: like I'm eating leftovers

Snack 3: strawberry pie
-feeling: Wow, this would taste a lot better if I got to enjoy it's sweetness more. And...that slight burning is turning into some major burning. Ouch!

Dinner: BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avacado, tomato) sandwiches, a little bit of cantaloupe, salad
-feeling: Hmmm, I didn't know heartburn could be so severe that it hurts to swallow.

Snack 4.1: Fast Break Candy Bar
-feeling: gotta love peanut butter and chocolate. And it definitely gets rid of the TUMS taste in my mouth. My heart is only burning a bit now.

Snack 4.2: Banana
-2 bananas before bed was way too much. Let's try one. Hopefully it'll give me my daily sugar AND fight those crazy charlie horses I get at night!

Jonathan's comments:
"Are you sure your heartburn isn't because of how much you love me?"

"Ooh, can I have more strawberry pie???"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sugar Binge: Day 1

We got to sleep in for the first time in months today, so we enjoyed a leisurely morning with husband-made breakfast on our terrace. After a great church service, we went where everyone goes to buy cheap, processed, sugary food: Wal-Mart. When we left, we decided we were never going back. Wal-Mart just isn't our kind of matter how big the rollbacks are. I ate a snack on the way home, we ate lunch and I lost in scrabble, went to the pool to show off my baby belly (since there's no way my 1 piece is fitting these days), came home and watched TV (via the internet), ate dinner, and worked on baby projects (check them out at my other blog) and finished the night with a little snack.

Here's the breakdown:
Morning weigh-in: 160lbs (yikes! I've never weighed that much in my life!)

Breakfast: 2 pieces of french toast (in honor of my parents who get the real thing as they spend the next month in France) and 1/4 cup of maple syrup. (I literally ate mine with a spoon because there was so much syrup.)
-feeling: like I ate too much sugar, definite stomachache

Snack: tapioca pudding
-feeling: starving, it's 1:30pm and I haven't eaten since breakfast!

Lunch: totinos party pizza (our secret shame)
-feeling: full and greasy. this is where heart attacks come from.

Snack: not-quite a pint of Rocky Road ice cream and some black licorice
-feeling: ice cream is about my favorite thing, but not-quite a pint is too much even for me

Dinner: baked potato with ranch and salsa
-feeling: not too bad...

Drink: 2 bananas, milk, and chocolate sauce blended.
-feeling: remember that time bananas and chocolate were yummy?

Dessert: homemade strawberry pie
-feeling: eat fast so I won't feel as full!

Jonathan's comments throughout the day:
9am: "When you eat, I have to eat too!"
3pm: "I have a headache."
4pm: see picture

8pm: "My head still hurts."
9pm: "Ooh, strawberry pie!"

Maternity Shorts

I'm not really a fan of maternity clothes for four reasons:
1. They are all very "classic" looks. And I'm not a very classic dresser.
2. They are way too expensive to only wear for 5ish months...or even forever.
3. 99% of them are v-necked and WAY too low cut for me to get away with.
4. I feel frumpy when I wear them.

So, I've been sticking to jersey knit skirts and shirts I already had for the most part. But, summer is H.O.T. so I decided I needed some shorts. I looked around a bit and $25 is way more than I'd pay for regular shorts, much less maternity shorts. So, instead I grabbed a pair of jeans I didn't really like and worked my magic on them. I followed this tutorial...which was pretty easy, but I must of done something wrong, because my pants definitely don't stay up. So, I can't have my hands full when wearing the shorts, or they may end up around my ankles.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A trip to the doctor

I went to the doctor today for my usual monthly appointment. Today was a bit different though, as Jonathan was working so he didn't come with me.

They were planning to test my glucose to see if I had gestational diabetes, so I had to begin the morning with no sugar. Not a big deal. I usually eat grape nuts with soy milk and honey, but I went for an all-natural, organic peanut butter sandwich instead. I got to the doctor, did my usual pee-in-a-cup routine, and then they sat me down and had me drink a bottle of "juice". The best way to describe it is that it tasted like Hawaiian Punch with some extra sugar. The nurse was very no-nonsense when she told me I had to finish the bottle in 5 minutes, so I drank it down. I was then forbidden of putting anything in my mouth (those words exactly) for the next 60 minutes.

Next, down the hall to meet with the OB nurse to talk through my birth plan. My thoughts: what birth plan??? I'm supposed to have one of those? Here's how the conversation went:
Nurse: So, have you pre-registered at the hospital?
Nurse: You need to do that soon. Have you taken a birthing class?
Me: (as I sink deeper down into my chair)
Nurse: You need to do that too. You at least need to learn infant CPR
Me: Oh, I'm CPR certified! Well, er, I'm adult CPR certified, but I'm pretty sure I know how to do it on a baby too. (I then mimic giving CPR to an infant.)
Nurse: (eyes narrowing) Okay, I guess that will work. Well, you have found a pediatrician, right?
Me: Ahhh, no.
Nurse: (doesn't even look at me) Well, here's a list of pediatricians we recommend. What about cord blood banking?
Me: Yeah, we haven't talked about that one either.
Nurse: You have to register for that within 2 weeks. You need to make a decision.
Me: (sheepishly) Okay...
Nurse: (still not making eye contact) So, do you have any questions for me?
Me: Ummmm, I guess I don't even know what to ask you.
Nurse: Yeah. Okay, see you later.

That meeting was reminiscent of dentist visits when everyone shuns you because you don't floss. Really, I can't be the only one who doesn't do all of this stuff, right? I mean, the baby is coming whether I do it or not. It'll all work out...right?

Anyway, next, I went to the doctor. That part was pretty painless. She measured my stomach, (though I foolishly wore a dress so I had to expose a bit more than just my belly). Apparently I'm measuring right on schedule. And, little Aurora's heartbeat sounds good. I always tear up when I hear her heart! The doctor assured me that all of my aches, pains, cramps, contractions, etc. are normal and I'm good to go.

Then, off to the lab. As the lab tech took my blood she said, "the magic number is 134." My thought, "Okay, whatever lady. I don't even need to get tested for this. I'm really healthy and I don't eat much sugar or anything, so there's no way I'm diabetic." Thirty seconds later, the lab tech says: "Oooh, 149. Looks like you might have it." My response: "What??? There's no way! I'm really healthy and I don't eat too much sugar or anything! There's no way!" The lab tech calmly explained that it has nothing to do with health and diet, but some womens' bodies go out of whack during pregnancy and stop processing sugar. So, she scheduled me for a 3 hour glucose test next Wednesday. Here's the absolute ridiculousness of what it consists of:

Beginning Sunday morning, I have to go on a 72 hour sugar binge. (No, not fast, but BINGE.) These are my instructions:
1. Eat 3 meals a day, with 2 servings of bread or starch with each meal.
2. Also, eat 4 of the foods listed below with your meal or as snacks:
  • 16 oz apple or orange juice
  • 16oz sweetened koolaid (does unsweetened even exist???)
  • 10oz grape juice (so far, so good. I can handle juice)
  • 1 pint of ice cream (wait, so you're saying i have to eat the equivalent of 4 pints of ice cream in a day???)
  • 1 cup of sherbet
  • 1 cup of pudding
  • 1/2 cup raisins (now, I like raisins, but 1/2 cup is a little excessive, don't you think?)
  • 2 candy bars (I'm supposed to eat 2 candy bars for 1 of my 4 non-meals?)
  • 8-10 small cookies (...there is no way I could eat this many cookies!)
  • 2 large or 4 small brownies (to go with my pint of ice cream?)
  • 2 large or 6 small donuts (good thing Dunkin Donuts is just down the road. My co-workers will love me!)
  • 2 cupcakes
  • 1 large slice of cake
  • 1 large slice of pie
  • 1 large 16oz soft drink
  • 2 honey buns (if I knew what honey buns even were, that would help)
  • 1 peanut butter/jelly (okay, that's do-able)
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar (yummm, I guess I could finally embrace Southern sweet tea)
  • 1/4 cup of syrup (how many pancakes do I need to eat to get that much syrup?)
  • 2 large bananas (ahhh, I love bananas!)
Did I mention I have to do this for 72 hours??? I think I might die. There's no way, even 6 1/2 months pregnant that I could eat this much!!!

After my 72 hours, I'm supposed to fast (i.e. sleep for 8 hours) and go into the doctor at 8am on Wednesday with a good book. They'll take my blood and then I'll drink another Hawaiian Punch nasty drink (except twice as sweet as today's). Then, for the next 3 hours, they'll take my blood again every hour on the hour. If my blood sugar is "off the charts" 2 or more times, I guess I have gestational diabetes. If not...I probably put myself over the recommended pregnancy weight gain for no reason. Now, I'm not a researcher, but according to the paperwork, gestational diabetes can easily be controlled through diet, so I'm not worried if I have it--though it is ironic that they pump you full of sugar just to cut it out.

All this said, to make the experience more enjoyable, beginning Sunday I'm going to be blogging my daily menu (and probably my mood spikes as well), so all 7 of you who read this blog can imagine what it must feel like to shove your face full of all the things we're meant to avoid. And don't be too jealous because being forced to eat food, even if it is yummy, isn't all that much fun.

Here's to embracing that all-American eating lifestyle!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project List

One of the best things about getting ready to welcome a little one into the world is that a whole new world of crafty ideas has opened up! I have a little less than 3 months to complete all of my projects, so almost every night is spent doing something. It works out great though, because sewing is so relaxing for me.

Here's a list of projects I'm the most excited about (in no particular order):

  • simple and easy nursing cover. I'm also planning just to use my baby wrap as a cover as well.
  • rocking chair cushion. I really don't need a tutorial for this, but it couldn't hurt.
  • Baby Booties. How adorable are these???
  • Yellow crib. I'm the most excited about this one. It may turn out to be more Jonathan's project than mine though if I'm lucky!
  • You can't have a great yellow crib without the perfect set of bedsheets!
  • We're all about handmade toys, beginning with these great nesting cubes. Hand sewing isn't my favorite, but I guess I can swing it for such a great project.
  • You might recognize this from a previous project, but I couldn't get enough for this bird mobile, so I had to make a new one to match Aurora's room. Jonathan and I collected new sticks for it last night, so I'm going to put him to work balancing the birds tonight.
  • Presently, I'm in the middle of making what feels like 1000 of these burp cloths based loosely off of this tutorial from one of my favorite crafty blogs.
This should keep me busy for awhile...not to mention that 6 or 7 of my friends are expecting within a few months of me, so I get to make things for them as well. I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Showers

On Friday after work, it hit me that I had yet to figure out what I was baking for my sister in-law's baby shower. I also realized I didn't have any gifts for her yet. So, a couple of store trips and a few hours later, we were ready to go!

Cupcake stands make cupcakes look so much yummier! The cupcakes were from a box, but the frosting was a handmade buttercream found from Martha Stewart.

This Maple Bundt Cake tasted more like breakfast than dessert. So good!

And, Jonathan actually made these freezer paper stenciled onesies. We found the tutorial here. There are definitely more of these to come!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I Love My Husband

Throughout the pregnancy, I've been pretty level-headed. My hormones haven't been any crazier than normal...other than this past Thursday night.

We were running late to small group and I quickly threw together a quick salad for us to eat at our friends' house. When we got out of the car, I lost my grasp on one of the containers of salad and it quickly tumbled out of my hands. The Tupperware lid popped off and before I knew it, there was spinach, strawberries, and almonds scattered all over our friends' yard.

My oh-so-rational response was to cry out and my eyes immediately filled with tears over the spilled salad. I was trying to keep it together when Jonathan jumped in to save the day. Without a second thought, he was on his knees in our friend's yard scraping the salad back into the container, specifically picking up each individual almond and strawberry while saying, "Ooh, this looks so good! It's no problem, just some more greens!"

Within 45 seconds, every last bit of the salad (plus some grass clippings) were back in the bowl and later consumed by my loving husband. He does a great job at keeping me sane!