Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Burp Cloths

I might have gotten a bit carried away with $1.99/yd flannel a couple of weeks ago. A great sale turned into about 26 burp cloths. I'm hoping that's enough for Aurora and a few gifts as well. I followed this great tutorial (from one of my favorite blogs). I changed it a bit and just made squares, though I rounded the edges. It took me a few hours to make all 26, but I bet 1 burp cloth could be made in 5-10 minutes. I love easy projects!
Sorry about the terrible lighting. Our apartment gets enough natural light for us to function in, but not enough for good pictures.
I had to wash the burp cloths a couple of times to fray the ends, and it's clear that $1.99/yd flannel doesn't wash very well. Oh well, it would look like that eventually!

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