Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maternity Shorts

I'm not really a fan of maternity clothes for four reasons:
1. They are all very "classic" looks. And I'm not a very classic dresser.
2. They are way too expensive to only wear for 5ish months...or even forever.
3. 99% of them are v-necked and WAY too low cut for me to get away with.
4. I feel frumpy when I wear them.

So, I've been sticking to jersey knit skirts and shirts I already had for the most part. But, summer is H.O.T. so I decided I needed some shorts. I looked around a bit and $25 is way more than I'd pay for regular shorts, much less maternity shorts. So, instead I grabbed a pair of jeans I didn't really like and worked my magic on them. I followed this tutorial...which was pretty easy, but I must of done something wrong, because my pants definitely don't stay up. So, I can't have my hands full when wearing the shorts, or they may end up around my ankles.

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