Monday, June 21, 2010

32 Weeks

Here are a couple snippets of some conversations I had this week (some at work, some just out in public).

Person 1: How's your baby?
Me: She's good?
P1: What are you having?
P2 (shouting across the room): She's having a girl! It's named Rico.
Me: Rico?!?! What are you talking about?
P2: You told me you were naming her Rico.
Me: No, I said Aurora. Not Rico.
P2: Oh, well it's practically the same thing.
Me: Not quite...
P1: A girl? How old is your baby?
Me: She's coming in 2 months.
P1: But how old is she?
Me: Well...she doesnt' have an age yet, but she'll be born in 2 months.
P1: How old will she be when she's born?
Me: Ummm, zero. Everyone is born zero years old.
P1: (Grins.)

(shouted from across the room): GIRL!
Me (looking that direction wondering what the ruckus is and finding the person staring at me waiting for a response): Yes. Good job.
(shouted again): I knew because your stomach is pointy!

P1: Girl, when are you due?
Me: Two months.
P1: Well, your ankles look good, but I can see that you've really put some weight on your hips.
Me: Ummm, yeah. I guess I was just built with child-birthing hips.

This is how I look:
Please, no comments on the hips! :)

In order to be responsible future parents, we went to the hospital tonight to tour the labor and delivery area. We got there, and it turns out the tours have been canceled since the H1N1 virus outbreak. Oh well, at least I can tell the OB nurse I tried.

On another grievous note, I found my first stretch mark last night. Well, actually there are two. And I think I saw a couple more forming today. Oh, the secret joys of pregnancy!


liana said...

h1n1? what kind of hospital is this? h1n1 was over a long time ago...unless it's just now getting to your part of the country ;)
glad to see some funny comments aren't just made to me. sometimes i feel like i work with children the way they have no filter on their mouths!

Kathryn said...

Looking good! I love that all the Pascual's are having children within a few months of each other...reminds me of the weddings. I'm not sure it's because you like to do things as a family, or if you don't want a sibling to get too far ahead of you!
Can't wait to meet Aurora.