Monday, October 25, 2010

More with Less Monday

I really dig blogs that have weekly features, so I figured I'd try it out. Hopefully, I'll give you an update in how we're doing with our More With Less commitment.

So far, it's gone pretty well, though every month seems pretty unpredictable and I felt "justified" in not following the rules. In July I was 8 months pregnant, August we had a baby, September we were learning how to plan and do life with a baby, October I went back to work, etc.

Here's the breakdown of our food and clothing spending for July-September.
July groceries/eating out: $295
July clothing: $23 ($15 recycled)

August groceries/eating out: $173*
August clothing: $15

September groceries/eating out: $202
September clothing: $0

October probably won't look so hot, but writing this down is great accountability for us! For my next post, I'll start sharing more fun details of what we're buying and how we're saving!

*Thanks to all the generous people who brought us meals after Rory was born!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fabric to Dress to Jacket (and possibly skirt)

In the Pascual family, every single gathering involves at least 15-20 minutes of picture taking. Every combination and every position is tried with no less than 4 people "directing" the show. In order to get myself excited for one of our official photo shoots done by the incredible Blume Photography, I decided I would make myself a dress to wear. I found a great pattern online, bought the fabric, cut out the pattern, learned how to make button holes, sleeves, collars, and do zippers, tried it on, and then remembered that I am still not back to my pre-pregnancy size. Therefore, I don't love how I look in most clothes. And unfortunately, this dress maximized what I would like to minimize. Some of it was my fault, as I picked a heavy fabric which made it worse. Here is the dress:

A day before the photo shoot, I decided I would take it apart and turn the dress into a jacket and skirt. It was actually pretty easy. I just ripped out the zipper (I spent an hour putting in) and added a panel to the bottom of the jacket. The skirt is yet to be made.

I ended up not even wearing the jacket for the photo shoot, but broke it in last week at work. Honestly, it's probably not something I would buy at the store, but I have a great fondness for it because of all the things I learned how to do making it and all the hours I put into it.

What I really want to do is take a pattern making class from Whipstitch, but it's a bit out of the budget right now. I'll just add it to my wish list...along with an iPhone, a new sewing machine, these Ugandan twins (read the whole saga and you'll want them too!), a cruise, a dentist appointment, a superpower, to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants, and a house.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two Months

Here are Rory's 2 month pictures. She's definitely growing! The doctor says she's in the 90th% for both length and weight. The girl likes to eat!

1 week 1 month

She's a blast right now! We love her grins and coos. And we really love it when she sleeps through the night, which is rare, but has happened!

I went back to work 3 weeks ago. The transition has been better than expected. I LOVE my job and am so thankful to be back, but I definitely feel torn and like my mind is always in two places. Her daycare is great though and it's about as perfect as it could be. I definitely appreciate Rory more on the days that I don't get to spend all of my time with her as well.

Needless to say, I've been busier than usual though, so I'm not sure how often I'll be blogging through this next season. I have continued to sew a lot though. Later this week, I'll post pictures of all the fun things I've made over the past 2 months!