Monday, October 25, 2010

More with Less Monday

I really dig blogs that have weekly features, so I figured I'd try it out. Hopefully, I'll give you an update in how we're doing with our More With Less commitment.

So far, it's gone pretty well, though every month seems pretty unpredictable and I felt "justified" in not following the rules. In July I was 8 months pregnant, August we had a baby, September we were learning how to plan and do life with a baby, October I went back to work, etc.

Here's the breakdown of our food and clothing spending for July-September.
July groceries/eating out: $295
July clothing: $23 ($15 recycled)

August groceries/eating out: $173*
August clothing: $15

September groceries/eating out: $202
September clothing: $0

October probably won't look so hot, but writing this down is great accountability for us! For my next post, I'll start sharing more fun details of what we're buying and how we're saving!

*Thanks to all the generous people who brought us meals after Rory was born!

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