Monday, November 08, 2010

More with Less Monday: Laundry Detergent

I finally got around to making laundry detergent!  The most difficult part, by far, was finding a place that sells Fels Naptha and Washing Soda.  I finally found it at Ace Hardware!

Here's the $$$$ breakdown.  (Math done by modcottage):
Cost to make your own: Around $2 per batch. This is about 5.7 cents per load (using 2 tablespoons for each load, you get about 35 loads).. Arm & Hammer laundry detergent is about 12.4 cents per load.Tide detergent is 30 cents and more per load.

Here's the recipe.  (Also thanks to modcottage ):
1 bar of Fels Naptha soap...grated on the cheese grater!
1C. Borax
1C. Washing Soda

Mix it all together and tada!  It only takes 2 tablespoons for a large load.  (You can also add 1C. of Oxy Clean if you so desire!)

The one thing to remember is to start the washer on HOT water so the soap can dissolve and then move it to cold if that's what you normally do.

Also, there are lots of recipes online for liquid homemade laundry detergent.  But, that involves actually having a place to store a 2 gallon bucket of laundry soap.  So...I went with the powdered version. 

Check out the size difference.  Sweet!

Thanks for celebrating the More With Less world with me! 

What do you do to simplify?


Lauren said...


3 questions:

1) Does it say anything about people with sensitive skin?

2) What if you have a high efficiency washer? Are there any recipes for that?

3) Do you use this to wash Rory's diapers?

Love you


Sarah said...

1. People with sensitive skin haven't had any complaints about it.
2. I'm not sure about HE washers. Here's a link that may offer some more info:
3. I'm still using All Free and Clear for her diapers. I have to do a bit more research on that first. According to the link I gave you, it's okay, but I've had other people tell me not to do it.

Love you too!