Monday, December 13, 2010

More with Less Monday: November Spending

November felt good.  For the first time since January, we weren't dishing out money to pay up front for Rory's birth (which is in the process of being paid back in full thanks to the AMAZING Christian Healthcare Ministries).  So, all of our other months have looked like we were living OVER our means.  Even though we knew we weren't, it wasn't fun to look at the negative on our FinanceWorks budget planner.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

Food spending: $310
*We were actually EXACTLY on budget ($220) with groceries and eating out combined a few days before the end of the month.  But then, we made a date mistake and made a trip to the grocery store on 11/30 rather than 12/1.
Eating out-$82
*The worst part about the eating out section is that only 2 items in the list of things are over $10.  The rest of the expenses are $3-$4. I can get coffee for free in 3 different places.  I shouldn't need to buy it.  Ever.

Shopping: $21
*Hooray!!!  A month where I only bought used! 

I'm guessing that December is probably going to be over our food budget.  We've got lots of parties where we're making yummy treats.   My family is also coming for a few days and my Boulderite younger brother only eats organic.

On another note, we're in the process of buying a house...and it's pretty much the scariest thing we've ever done.  WAY scarier than having a baby.  We're still in the offer/counter-offer process so nothing is guaranteed.  I know the house-buying journey can be controversial.  Some consider renting throwing your money away.  Others say it's the most affordable way to go because you don't have to pay any upkeep.  (According to my brother, when you rent, you're paying for freedom.)  The mortgage rates are great these days (apparently), but living in the city is expensive no matter what.

Any advice for new home buyers?

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Laurie Alves said...

re: Advice for New home buyers. Be choosy. Be sure. Do not settle. Being choosy and not settling lends to your not moving around and being happy with your choice. Many first time home buyers, buy a small "starter home" that is perfect except that it actually costs the same as a "median" home that could use TLC. My advice is that you opt for more space, and start a new membership to HGTV online. Either way you'll have home repairs...for decor reasons and what not, but doing it on a home you could have for a lifetime is optimal :) Just my opinion. Best of Luck!