Saturday, January 01, 2011

11 in 11.

Here's my list of 11 things I'm going to do in 2011:
1.  Floss daily.
2.  Nurse Rory for a year.  Never buy formula. (Controversial, I know.  Of course I like the antibodies, but it's mostly because I'm cheap.  Plus, if I wean her, I'll actually have to work at losing weight.  Win, win, win.)
3.  Participate in Project ReStyle.  I won't do 52 weeks of it, but I'll definitely do some.
4.  Get pregnant with #2.
5.  Buy a house.
6.  Help plant Resonate.
7.  Get a [super] short haircut.
8.  Continue only buying recycled clothing or new things for less than $5.
9.  Start playing the piano again.
10.  Memorize John 14-17.
11. Surprise Jonathan with something sweet at least once a week.

What do you think?  Doable???


Leah said...

totally doable!! love it! :)

Lesli said...

also, how is nursing for a year controversial? Granted, although many people can't make it the whole year for lots of reasons, but I don't get the impression most women WANT to spend hundreds of dollars on they? Might just be a different cultural perspective from CA...YOU CAN DO IT...and longer if you want!
And, looking forward to the haircut!!! haha :) lots of love!

Kathryn said...

#4 surprises me, but go for it! All others are in your control. #9 is close to my heart!

BradyandLiana said...

#2 might be hard if #4 happens...but formula is expensive. i dried up because of nights and its like 25 bucks a week. we do organic so she doesnt get her period at 8 but still wish i could have kept nursing

Lauren said...

You will have a hard time doing 4 if you are doing 2. Like your goals though!

Can I just laugh that your says memorize 4 chapters of John and Jonathan wants to memorize 5 books!?

One of my goals is to go to good will more often.

Sarah said...

Yeah #2 and #4 are kind of counteractive. We'll see what happens. We're not going to TRY to get pregnant, but we'll see what happens!