Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

My big problem with making things for people is that I'm a procrastinator.   This means, I have the idea of what I want to do about 45 minutes before I need to complete the project.  I don't want to make birthday gifts or shower gifts or anything until I'm inspired.  And I don't think about inspirations until I don't have enough time to make it.  The same goes for Christmas.  At about 8pm on the 23rd, I decided the sweet ladies at Rory's daycare needed something.  So, with the help of my lovely friend Jess.  Here's what I ended up with. 

How to make the easiest ornaments ever:
1.  Draw a bird pattern and trace it on 2 pieces of fabric and quilt batting.
2.  Sew along the line you traced.
3.  Cut it out with pinking shears.
4.  Get a friend to sew on the eyes.

Oh and sorry for the not-so-awesome pictures.  Another result of doing things last-minute means pictures at 11pm.


Anonymous said...

That's why I make soaps so I'll have last minute gifts.

Ninong Jody

Jessica said...

I just saw this post and it made me laugh...I think having a friend to sew on the eyes is a pretty important part. You can send me any referrals you receive.