Monday, January 31, 2011

More with Less Monday: Inspiration

I came across a quote by Mother Theresa in my third year of college as I was preparing a persuasive speech for my public speaking class.  I was trying to convince people to give at least some of their money.  I probably didn't convince anyone of anything, but the quote I stumbled upon through it has never left me.

"It is a poverty that a child should die so you can live as you want."

Wow.  I hope to make every decision in light of that perspective.  I rarely do, but it's always an inspiration. 

Before you read on in this post, go to this link and have your wealth really put into perspective.  The Global Rich list will tell you how you fit into the world's economy.  We are in the top .95% of the world.

Think about what you could do what your money:

It costs $38/month to support a child through Compassion.
You can support a national missionary for $30/month through Gospel for Asia.
And you can give up even less or more for any number of causes that matter.  Places like Samaritan's Purse, Blood:Water Mission, International Justice Mission, and many, many more organizations are changing the world through providing clean water, safe medical care, freedom from slavery, and the hope of Christ.  

Think about how much you spend on your cell phone*, internet*, TV*, groceries/eating out, Starbucks, new shoes, decorating your house, your gym membership. 

Where else could that money go? Is it worth it to you?  Does anyone else have ideas of how to give sacrificially?

*These will all be their own posts eventually!


Randy Furco said...

I LOVE THIS POST..INDEED..GOD BLESS YOU...Check out the post on my blog titled My Heart is Heavy.

I htink you will like it.

Anonymous said...

The post is really inspiring! ;-)

stephanie said...

one idea (although nothing original): when it's your birthday, you ask people to donate money to a good cause of your choice, instead of giving you presents.
At the birth of their 3thd daughter, my cousin said he already had everything he needed and asked to donate money to a project for children in africa.

this way you both give and make others give.


Señorita said...

In eighth grade, I had to do a report on an inspirational leader and I picked Mother Theresa. Studying her life, I learned the importance of serving and reaching out to the poor. Thank you for sharing...