Monday, January 03, 2011

More with Less Monday

I've only been doing More with Less Monday for a couple of months.  This morning, as I was thinking about what to write, I got stuck.  I have ideas of more ways to live simply and things that Jonathan and I specifically choose to give up or commit to in order to pursue simplicity.  But, when I think about writing them, it seems ...I don't know...arrogant.  Something doesn't feel right about me announcing to the blogging world the things we do that aren't the norm.  We don't do them to get attention and we especially don't want others to feel guilty if their lifestyle choices are different than ours.

What do you think?  Are you enjoying More with Less Monday or should I come up with some other weekly idea to write about and throw in More with Less ideas every once in awhile?


Charlie said...

I think it is more about the intent behind the sharing. Are you sharing so people will know what you are doing? Or are you sharing to give other people ideas and encourage them for how they can live more simply?

I would not consider you arrogant for sharing what you are doing. Though that is probably due to the fact that we know hang out on a weekly basis.

Brecken said...

I don't think of your posts as being arrogant. If anything, it makes me reconsider and encourages me to live more simply.


Anonymous said...


It's all about the intent and the way you share. If you don't share with a know-it-all attitude, which you don't, and you are merely making suggestions, there's nothing wrong with that at all.


Arrin said...

Keep it up! I really enjoy reading your More with Less Monday's!
You never know who you're inspiring. :)

Jules said...

I love your blog . . . it updates us on your life and how you're living it. There is plenty of exposure to commercialism in this world, so hearing about simple living is a blessing to me; like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing your intent. As long as your heart is right in it please keep em coming! Love you friend, can't wait to see Rory in feb :)


HSB said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and even trying some of your ideas! Please don't stop! Happy 2011!
Hailey Burns

Jessica said...

I enjoy reading anything you write, because I really like you! I blog in my head, so I like that your blogs are written down. Blogging seems to be great accountability for spending. Shouldn't money and how we spend it be a topic we talk about? People talk about their sex lives more it seems. I think it is a good habit to put out there what you spend on things and ask friends about their spending. Greed is the sin no one thinks they are guilty of, including me, but I am! Anyway, that was my way of saying keep it up!
-J Fitz

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I like more with less Mondays! It's nice to read about someone elses journey with frugality. I'm interested in the More With Less cookbook too.


Lauren said...

I like your blog. if you are running out of topics, here are my suggestions:

1) I would love to hear more about how you plan meals using what is on sale. Maybe some recipes.

2) You can write about "common misconceptions" of less is more. Like how the Prius actually uses more energy (because of the earth's resources and shipping) then locally made gas guzzling cars. - ok I don't know if that's true but).

3) Write about how you decided to buy a house, instead of rent.

4) Have you used any websites to comparison shop for groceries? That might be interesting. I have some websites..but haven't had the time to check them out.

Ok love you !