Monday, January 17, 2011

More with Less Monday

This upcoming Wednesday marks our 3 year wedding anniversary.

 Don't you love everything about this picture?  We both look a little bonkers because we're so giddy!

Marriage is the best.  Marriage is different for everyone, but for the record, it doesn't have to be hard.  They say the first 7 years are the hardest.  (They=a psychology professor in college).  And if our first 3 are some of the hardest, we're good to go!  I couldn't have dreamed up a more spectacular man to spend my life with.  Really, I mean it.

Anyway, I can (and probably will) write another post devoted to my habibi at a later date.  Here's how we celebrated our anniversary More With Less (ish) Style.

Dinner: Chilis!  We love Chilis and they had a meal deal too.  Unfortunately we don't have "smart phones" so we weren't able to cash in on the free chips and salsa deal. We talked about going to a nicer restaurant, but we're not really foodies so we figured we'd be just as happy spending $50 less on our meal.
Pre-movie activity:  We didn't plan the time between the dinner/move very well, so in effort to find something to do, we spent an hour wandering around Target.  We each got $15 and had to buy each other a surprise gift by the end of our wandering.  It was a random idea and super fun!  Oddly enough, we both bought each other an item of clothing, a deck of cards, and candy for the movie. 
Movie:  Only the greatest and cheapest theater around!  The Picture Show was no more than $1.75 per ticket.
Babysitter:  Rory's Lola (Grandma).


JEN said...

I love this picture! We have one similar in our room, but it's not as great as yours...we look happy but you guys look beyond excited! =) you and your habibi are so sweet and we love doing life with you guys!

Amanda said...

What movie did you go see?

Sarah said...

Life or Something Like It. Super cute!!!

Jonathan said...

For the record, it was "Life as We Know It." No homeless man, no Angelina Jolie.

Julianne said...

That is an awesome picture!!!!