Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Cake

I'm not really a baker or cook but offered to make a cake for a dear friend's birthday anyway.  I did that before I thought about my crazy weekend schedule too.  Awesome.

The party was at a British themed pub, so what better to make than a Union Jack flag?

I wanted to try fondant (because it's all the cake rage these days), but didn't have time to make my own, so I bought the [gross] stuff.  Let's just get it out there that if you're buying it from the shelf of Michael's, it probably shouldn't be eaten.  We tasted it and decided it would only be used for decoration and not eating.  Because of that I didn't want to cover the whole cake in fondant.

Jonathan and I teamed up on this one as well.  I baked and frosted the cake, he rolled out and measured the fondant (because he's good at the math-y kind of stuff), and I painted the fondant red.

And here's what we ended up with.  Definitely amateur, but not terrible, eh?

Painting the fondant is much easier than I thought.  I painted brandy on first to try to create a barrier between the fondant and the water-based food coloring.  And then I painted.  Ta da!

Next time I do something like this, I'm definitely doing homemade fondant though.

On another note, I picked up some sweet chairs (sweet=cheap and sturdy) for our kitchen at Revive yesterday and can't wait to paint (possibly) and recover (definitely) them!

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Brecken said...

Looks good! I've never tried painting fondant...was there a website you found telling you how to do this? I've always been confused on what type of painting brush would be "food safe," ya know?

If you need a homemade fondant recipe, let me know!