Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Pants

As I said before, I love babies in jeans.  But, I can't get jeans to fit over Rory's cloth diapers.  So, I finally made it to the store for some denim fabric, and threw these together in an evening.

 I added the ruffle in hopes that it will help to distinguish her as a girl.  I also used pink thread.
 She's really into a scrunchy-face smile these days. It's pretty irresistible.
 I also made her some khaki pants with little pockets and ruffled bottoms for good measure. 
 You can't tell from the picture, but I shortened them just above the ruffles so they can be lengthened as she gets longer.
 Kudos to my amazing husband for hand sewing on the heart buttons.
Thanks to Mady By Rae's pattern for these awesome pants!

It's a lovely day today.  I think a walk is in order!

Have a great weekend!


Larissa ♥ said...

cute :)

eileen said...

i love the khaki pants! great job, sarah!

Sarah said...

So cute! Did you buy a pattern or use your own?

JEN said...

you are sooo talneted sarah!!! i love both pants!

Lesli said...

haha, sorry that was me, not Calvin...I accidently signed into his account! :)

Jackleen said...

So cute Sarah! And I love the jeans and khakis. You are so talented. Wish I was around to babysit for you once in a while. ;o)

rebecca said...

those are adorable!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments.

Sarah, thanks for the reminder. I forgot to link to the blog! I got my pattern from the Made By Rae blog. They're the big butt baby pants.