Monday, February 14, 2011

More With Less Monday: Cell Phones Part 1

We love our family. In fact, this post is about family.  And along with an awesome family guessed it, family plans!

(Yes that's me using my cell phone at the Sphinx. 
Doesn't something just seem off about that?) 

Jonathan and I spent the last year on our own plan.  We had the least amount of phone minutes (700 combined) and unlimited text messaging.  Every month our bill averaged around $112.  Yes, I know.  Ridiculous!!!!

So, about a month ago we were discussing ways to cut down on our bill and it hit us.  We needed to take advantage of the $10 per extra line in family plans.  We immediately picked up the phone and called Jonathan's sister and brother in-law (from the amazing Blume Photography) to discuss options with them.  Turns out they were looking for ways to save as well.  So, an hour later, the 4 of us were on one plan and paying $30-$40 less a month for our phone plans.  Plus, we didn't have to renew our contracts (we were both in the middle of our contracts) or pay a change fee or anything.

Awesome?  I think so!!!

Coming up next week:  To iPhone or not to iPhone.  Very controversial.


JEN said...

NO iphone! Don't give into the man :)It is very controversial and tempting :)

Lesli said...

Thats great that you found a way to go cheaper! If you are ever looking for something EVEN CHEAPER...Calvin and I use TMobile's Prepay "plan".We have simple phones (not smart phones). We don't have to have a contract! And we buy our minutes ahead of time to use. Wait for it...we only pay $30 a month (for both of us!!) We also take advantage of comp-to-comp free skype and gmail's new free phone service and try not to use our cell phones very often. A REAL money saver! We could never afford $100 a month (most people pay this for each phone they have!) Just a tip I wanted to pass on...