Monday, February 28, 2011

More With Less Monday: Internet

This one is pretty easy. 

We just buy the cheapest internet there is. (Duh!)

Seeing as how it's the cheapest, it's also the slowest internet out there as well.  It was very painful our first few weeks of having it and others hate using the internet at our house because they're not used to how slow it is.  But, after awhile, we got used to it and just make plans around the time it takes to load pictures or videos or whatever else we're watching/doing.  We can still do everything you can do on your internet (including watch TV, talk on Skype, and whatever else is out there to do). only costs us $19.99 a month.  We don't have a home phone line or cable TV to go along with it, but it is wireless and it works great.

There may be something even more affordable out there now, but we haven't been looking.  So, if any readers have more affordable recommendations, I'd love them.


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