Friday, March 18, 2011

Soft Book

Baby girls are really easy to sew for.  Boys, on the other hand, can be more complicated.  (For me, at least!) 

So, here's what I came up with.  Thanks to Thimbly Things for the great idea and tutorial!

I used the legs of some old jeans that I had laying around for the book cover.  Baby Adams doesn't have a first name yet, so I went with the first initial of his last name instead.

This puppy is a very vague picture of their sweet dog, Lulu.  (See, it's a girl dog!)   And the house they wish they lived in!

And, I fortuitously found TONS of colored polar fleece for $1.99 that I had purchased the day before I decided on the project.  Perfect, eh?

I discovered Heat 'n Bond through this project.  It's my new favorite thing!!!

Here's to an easy delivery and a sweet baby boy Stacee and Normer! We love you guys!


Jessica said...

Great idea!

Stacee said...

Yay! Such an adorable little book and I love the little page the best!!!

Julianne said...

Hey this is neat! Did you put anything in between the 2 layer of denim per page?

YinSuan.Hey said...

Cool!!! :D

Sarah said...

Thanks for your sweet comments everyone!
Julianne-I put quilt batting inbetween the pages. :)