Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rory at 8 Months

Our little girl turned 8 months this past weekend.  She still loves to eat and sleep which makes her really, really, really awesome.  Waking up in the night (even for her pacifier) is an exception rather than the norm these days.  I love 8 and 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep!  She's rolling over like crazy and occasionally scoots backwards, but is the most content in her mom and dad's arms.  She does wiggle a lot more when being held now.  And, it's time to celebrate: Rory hasn't been sick in 3 weeks.  I'm pretty sure that's a record since she started daycare.

In these pictures make sure you check out:
1.  Her wiggly eyebrows on the top right.
2.  Her first time ever pulling herself up.  Yeah, that's right.  You just witnessed a milestone.
3.  I bet you can guess what happened .5 seconds after the picture with her head hanging off the chair was taken.  Good thing we tag teamed and Jonathan took the pictures while I caught her diving off the chair.
4.  And I hope her adorable scrunchy smile never disappears.

Here are her previous pictures. It's neat to watch the process of her changing from looking like an alien to looking somewhat human.


Melissa said...

She is SOOOOOO cute. And, yeah, I was wondering if the next pics were going to be of her crying upside down on her head?!? And, what do you mean that she looked like an alien?!? She never did!! Some other babies, maybe, but Rory...never!! She's beautiful!! And, yay for sleeping through the night....for both of you!!!

Love ya, melissa

ruthie said...

Love these pictures. It's the only way you can really observe them growing. You're with them so much that you don't realize how much they've changed until you look at the pictures.

Lesli said...

I love seeing how chubby her legs keep getting! Adorable! She is getting so big! :)

Jessica said...

I should do something like that with Asher so I can watch him change. Great idea!! She is looking so cute and grown up! She needs to see Asher soon! Love!!

Julianne said...

How great! I like the way you set up the pictures, and the first parents I've heard that admit that newborns look alienlike (althought I've always thought it) =)

Lauren said...


Amy said...

I LOVE her scrunchy face!!! And I think month 5 is my favorite- haha! So cute!!!