Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wardrobe Restyle

I stumbled upon the most beautiful 90s era dress in a thrift store.  I wasn't exactly sure how to make it work, but I couldn't live without it.

Here's the dress before I did anything to it.

 Those tie pockets bring back some memories, don't they?  The skirt went to about mid calf on me as well.  Ewwww.

So, I did a bit of snipping, seam ripping, and hemming and about 25 minutes later ended up with a shorter, pocket-free dress.  And I LOVE it!!!!

(I know, the picture above is totally weird.  
I'm still learning how to do these types of photos.)

The first time I wore it out, this really cool girl with tattoos all over asked me where I got it because she wanted one too.  That is the jackpot of awesomeness.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fuego Clips

Rory is a fuego (pacifier) girl. What can I say? We all sleep better when she's got one. I bought a pacifier clip at Target a few months back and (surprise, surprise) it's already broken. So instead, I adapted this tutorial from Made, and created a couple of my own out of ribbons and suspender clips.

When I was almost finished with the first one, I realized I didn't have any velcro, so I just sewed it. I know that's not good for cleaning, but I was impatient. For the second ribbon, I just used a snap.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

High Chair

Rory is a chunky healthy baby and we were almost to the point of having to grease up her thighs to get her out of the bumbo seat, so we finally decided to invest in a high chair.

I wanted a vintagey one, but wasn't able to find one I liked on Craigslist.  A few days later, we went to our Tita (aunt) Ruthie's house, and I saw the exact kind of chair I was looking for.  I (totally innocently, of course) asked her about it and she actually gave it to me to use while Rory's using a high chair.  Awesome!

The only problem is that the straps to hold her in were non-existent.  So, I got resourceful and cut the strap off this (free) bag I wasn't going to use and cut the clips off of a different part.

I spent about 10 minutes sewing it together, and here you have it.

A brand new, vintage, totally operational and relatively safe high chair.
Here we have a happy baby with okra and brown rice all over her face enjoying her chair.  (Oh, and there is actually a tray too. It's just not there so you could see the straps.)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rory at 9 months

Rory missed her 9 month doctor's appointment due to a car seat debacle, so I have no idea what her stats are.  Probably big since she's been in 12-18 month clothes for 2 months now.

This month was definitely full of firsts.  She started crawling, started pulling herself up, and started growing 2 teeth.  I think she got her dad's laid back personality, because she doesn't seem to even notice the teething pain.  She's really a blast, but definitely a lot more work now that she's mobile.

She also got to experience her 3rd(!!!) round trip plane flight, her 8th state, and her second funeral.  During the funeral, her great grandfather had Jonathan bring her up to the front to show her off.  It's so sweet how babies can bring smiles and joy to any situation.

Here are her pictures from 1 week to 8 months.

Friday, May 20, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 30 (finally!!!!)

A Picture of Someone You Miss

Well, this list could go on and on and on and on.  For now, here are some pictures of my two grandmothers--both whom have passed away this year.  I'm thankful for the sweet memories I have of them.

And I'm thankful that this 30 days is finally over!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 29

A Picture that Can Always Make You Smile

 This was our dog, Ali.  He was ridiculous and you can read some previous blog posts to figure out how ridiculous he was.  He's now in the care of a good friend...and probably much better off.  Jonathan definitely misses him more than I do.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 28

A Picture of Something You're Afraid Of: Selling Out

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 27

A Picture of Yourself and A Family Member

Monday, May 16, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 26

A Picture of Something That Means a Lot To You

My wedding and engagement rings. 

When Jonathan proposed, he did it with empty hands, which I was expecting since we had a conversation a few days before about how he had no money. (We both feel strongly against debt, and would rather not have something than go into debt over it.) He mentioned it to me again, and I reminded him that it didn’t matter to me (which it didn’t, but I did have to talk myself through it a bit, because what girl doesn’t want an engagement ring?). He sat down next to me and began telling the story of his grandmother’s engagement.

Fifty-nine years ago in the Philippines, Jonathan's maternal grandfather had just finished medical school and his grandmother was still in university. Jonathan's grandfather came to her and said something like, “I’ve loved you since the first day I met you and you don’t know how deep that goes. I want you to marry me, but I don’t have much money so all I have for you is this simple ring. But, I promise you that on our 20th wedding anniversary I will exchange it for a diamond you deserve.” They married of course, but one month after their 19th wedding anniversary, he passed away, so his grandmother never received the promised ring.  She treasured her rings greatly.

Jonathan then brought up a conversation we had had a couple of weeks before when he had told me the greatest gift he’d ever received was his guitar, and he said, “Sarah, when I told you that, I lied to you. In reality, the best gift I have ever received was the engagement ring my grandfather gave to my grandmother. She gave it to me and now I’m giving it to you.” Then, he put it on my finger and it fit perfectly! I was speechless and overwhelmed and stunned. This ring was more spectacular than anything I could have ever imagined in my entire life! I’ve never been more honored with anything in my life!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 25

A Picture of Your Day

Every day is different, so here are a few highlights from the day we spent in Chicago last week.

Friday, May 06, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 23

A Picture of Your Favorite Book

I'm not the biggest reader ever, but the book I read on a daily basis is the Bible.

It's defined my character and who I am more than any other book in the world.  And, it's lots of fun to read because it really does come alive when I read it.  I'm so thankful that I live in a place where I have unlimited access to the Bible and that I have the education to actually read it.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 22

A picture of something you were better at: Cleaning

I can clean, and hate living in a messy house. It's just a matter of time management and priorities.  I guess it's that way for everyone though.  It's just that there are a few people I know (my mom included) who are really, really good at things being clean all the time.  That would be awesome.   In both Egypt and Thailand, we had a maid because it was the cultural norm.  That was even more awesome.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 21

A Picture of Something You Wish You Could Forget

Really???  I'm supposed to remember and have photographically documented something I want to forget?

Well, in desperation to come with something, I guess it would have to be this movie:
 It still gives me nightmares.  I'd watch most horror movies over this one.  The worst part is that we had to watch it for a class in college.  Now that I think about it, we also watched The Exorcist for one of my college classes.  Awesome.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 20

A Picture of Somewhere You Want to Travel

Ummm...that's pretty much everwhere.  So instead, I'll do somewhere I don't want to travel.

Okay, yes, Mt. Everest is crazy beautiful.'s freezing, and bitter cold, and really really cold, and snowy, and wintry.  Plus, you have to hike to the top and use oxygen and almost die in like 29 different ways.  So, I'll just settle for pictures.

Monday, May 02, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 19

A Picture of You When You Were Little
How awesome is this?  My awesome mom made matching dresses for my dolls and me.  I'm SO doing this for Rory!

Hmmm...that haircut looks very similar to the one I have now.  Speaking of little kid style, when I was at my favorite thrift store earlier this week I picked out this adorable dress and was totally excited to get it for $1, but was afraid it was too big for me since it was a size 14.  When I went to try it on, it was super small.  Then it hit me that it was a girls 14.  It's kind of embarrassing that I want to wear the same clothes as little girls.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 18

A Picture of Your Biggest Insecurity:  My Big Mouth

No, not that my face often looks like claymation when I smile.  It's that I say a lot of gutsy stuff.  And I don't always say it as nicely as I'd like to.  I'm also afraid my lifestyle isn't going to match the opinions I verbalize.  It's tough, but I'm really trying.

Jonathan told me a few days ago that whenever I feel vulnerable or become insecure, I do the classic psychological thing and cross my arms in front of me.  So, if you see me doing that, you can bet that whatever I'm doing is another insecurity of mine too.

But you know what? It's taken like 9 weeks, but I really do love my haircut.

And...I feel totally vain for posting pictures of me online like this.  But I'm gonna do it anyway.