Monday, May 16, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 26

A Picture of Something That Means a Lot To You

My wedding and engagement rings. 

When Jonathan proposed, he did it with empty hands, which I was expecting since we had a conversation a few days before about how he had no money. (We both feel strongly against debt, and would rather not have something than go into debt over it.) He mentioned it to me again, and I reminded him that it didn’t matter to me (which it didn’t, but I did have to talk myself through it a bit, because what girl doesn’t want an engagement ring?). He sat down next to me and began telling the story of his grandmother’s engagement.

Fifty-nine years ago in the Philippines, Jonathan's maternal grandfather had just finished medical school and his grandmother was still in university. Jonathan's grandfather came to her and said something like, “I’ve loved you since the first day I met you and you don’t know how deep that goes. I want you to marry me, but I don’t have much money so all I have for you is this simple ring. But, I promise you that on our 20th wedding anniversary I will exchange it for a diamond you deserve.” They married of course, but one month after their 19th wedding anniversary, he passed away, so his grandmother never received the promised ring.  She treasured her rings greatly.

Jonathan then brought up a conversation we had had a couple of weeks before when he had told me the greatest gift he’d ever received was his guitar, and he said, “Sarah, when I told you that, I lied to you. In reality, the best gift I have ever received was the engagement ring my grandfather gave to my grandmother. She gave it to me and now I’m giving it to you.” Then, he put it on my finger and it fit perfectly! I was speechless and overwhelmed and stunned. This ring was more spectacular than anything I could have ever imagined in my entire life! I’ve never been more honored with anything in my life!

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