Wednesday, May 25, 2011

High Chair

Rory is a chunky healthy baby and we were almost to the point of having to grease up her thighs to get her out of the bumbo seat, so we finally decided to invest in a high chair.

I wanted a vintagey one, but wasn't able to find one I liked on Craigslist.  A few days later, we went to our Tita (aunt) Ruthie's house, and I saw the exact kind of chair I was looking for.  I (totally innocently, of course) asked her about it and she actually gave it to me to use while Rory's using a high chair.  Awesome!

The only problem is that the straps to hold her in were non-existent.  So, I got resourceful and cut the strap off this (free) bag I wasn't going to use and cut the clips off of a different part.

I spent about 10 minutes sewing it together, and here you have it.

A brand new, vintage, totally operational and relatively safe high chair.
Here we have a happy baby with okra and brown rice all over her face enjoying her chair.  (Oh, and there is actually a tray too. It's just not there so you could see the straps.)

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HSB said...

That rocks!
Jackson HATES sitting in the high chair. He slams his head against the back of it and screams. E V E R Y time, 4 times a day. :( I'm glad Rory likes hers!