Thursday, June 09, 2011

Baby Advice and Dresses

I'm heading into work late today because we're making a second attempt at Rory's 9 (now 10) month checkup.  I will NOT miss this one!!!!

Ever since we went to Chicago about a month ago, her sleeping schedule has gone a little wonky.  We spoiled her into getting rocked to sleep every night so she's forgotten how to self soothe herself to sleep.  This is only a problem at 5:30am when she wakes up and decides it's time to be awake since she can't get herself to fall back asleep.  Jonathan and I are awake at that time, but we REALLY enjoy our Rory-free morning time.  She was up from about 5:45 to 7am this morning, and then I just put her down again.  Any advice on how to break her of this habit...without having her cry it out?  (I'm all about the Babywise method, but not all about crying it out.)

While she's sleeping, I figured I'd post a quick blog of some itty bitty baby dresses I made months ago.  I think these are my favorite things to make, because they come together in about 20 minutes and people are always impressed by them!

As usual, I made these with remnant or free fabric.

I can't decide which one I like better. I'm a sucker for polka-dots, but I love the green lining on the flowery one. Which do you prefer?


JEN said...

LOOOOOOOOVE these dresses! Sarah you are so talented!!

JEN said...

oh and i prefer the polka-dot one too! =)

4kids, 2 guinea pigs, 1 happy family said...

Love both dresses!!
My 21 month daughter has just got out of her sleep pattern, so far too tired to give any advice!

Lesli said...

oooh, I like the polka dots. And if you do get some advice about sleeping, please pass it on. We are struggling too (but more for teething issues right now). Those little suckers just won't break through! I keep thinking they have and then when I feel them again I realize they still haven't! He is working on the top four! Brutal.

HSB said...

I'm so enjoying seeing all the things you're sewing. Jealous!
Regarding the sleeping, Jackson got into the habit of getting up at 5:30am, but then he takes a nap again at like 7 or 8. I've just had to adjust my schedule, and now I LOVE the 7am nap time. It's the perfect time for coffee and Bible. :)
Maybe Rory will be better, tho.

Emgee said...

Hi There,

I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and I must are a very creative, talented seamstress!! I would love to know how you learned to sew or where? As for those two dresses...I'm in love with the flowery pattern!


Sarah said...

Sleep update: Well folks, we're back! I sat next to her crib the first night while she wailed for about 20 minutes and then she went to sleep. No problems with needing to be rocked since!

Emgee, I'm mostly self-taught through practice and lots of internet tutorials. I took a general beginners class at a local shop in Atlanta too.

Emgee said...

Did you find getting started to be expensive? IE: Purchasing the required tools? I'm expecting baby #1 in December and would *LOVE* to make some baby clothes for him/her!

Keep up the great sewing! PS: The green dress you bought and altered is astonishing!

Sarah said...

Congratulations Emgee! It can be fairly expensive to get started. You need a sewing machine and lots of tools (scissors, thread, seam ripper, etc.). JoAnne's and Hobby Lobby offer great coupons that can heavily discount the cost of most things. I would recommend buying a simple, cheap sewing machine at Target or something like that. :)

Anonymous said...

I like both, but I love the one with flowers!