Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The REAL Big News

No, we're not pregnant...but we are expecting.

But Mama, what does that mean?  I'm confused.

It means that you're going to be a big or a little sister to a boy or girl we're going to adopt.

What?????  You're adopting a baby and I get to be a big (or little) sister????


 This is even better than Cheerios!!!!!

This is so exciting!  I'm gonna go and wait for him (or her) right now!!!!!!

Dear little (or big) brother (or sister), I can't wait to meet you.  We're gonna have the best family ever.
More details coming soon....feel free to ask questions in the comments section that I'll do my best to answer in a later post.


eli + dawn said...

hurrah! congratulations :) my question: where did you get rory's awesome onesie?? everyone always talks to our girl about being a big sister, but she may very well end up being the little sister! i'd love to have a shirt like that for her.

Claire said...

Omg I am so so so excited for you guys!!!! Do u have a time frame? Now I really wannacome back and visit! ;) behind u 100% can't wait to hear more x

Lesli said...

ditto: where did you get that cute shirt??

Emgee said...


Mary said...

Were considering adoption too, so Id love to know if youre using an agency or going about it as a lone ranger. Especially in tips you have!