Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Party Invites

I'm still new into the paper/design craft world, but here are some recent party invites I've designed.

The first was a going away party/baby shower for some friends who moved from Atlanta to Michigan.

The second was for Rory's dedication.  (We did a non-traditional gathering at our house.)

And the third was for a friend's baby shower.

My personal favorite is Rory's, but that's because I designed it according to my likes rather than what I thought the guests of honor would enjoy.  I should also say that the last two invites weren't entirely original.  I took some ideas from other things I'd seen and "made them my own."


HSB said...

Those are awesome! I'm really impressed!

Phillip said...

I love these! They have a real "Sarah Pascual" branded feel. What software have you been using for design? And where do you find/create the graphic elements? I need to sit down with you and see how you put this together. But I love the color and eclectic style!

Sarah said...

Thanks Phillip! They were all done on Picnik. :)

Emgee said...

I have to have one creative streak in you!

Michelle said...

I LOVED the shower invitations! You know I like me some trees, and I didn't make it easier on you by keeping the gender of the baby a mystery! They looked great!