Sunday, September 11, 2011

13 Months of Rory

Rory highlights:
  • Walking:  She can walk across a room by herself with no problem, but still prefers to crawl.
  • Signing:  She uses sign language to tell us she wants more and that she wants water.
  • First words: Her first word was "more".   She says this when she's hungry for more food...which is about every 20 minutes.  For the past week, I keep having flashbacks to nursing her every hour as a newborn, except this time it's food.
  • Reading: Rory loves being read to.  She brings books to us to read all day long.  Before bed, we give her a few options, and she always picks out the one or two she wants read to her.  Her favorite books these days are Barnyard Dance, Peek-a-Boo I Love You,  and Pat the Bunny.
  • We're trying to teach her the words mommy and daddy.  She always mimics our pointing though, so anytime we ask her, "Who's mommy?" or "Who's daddy?", she points to herself and gives us a huge grin.  I think she knows she's playing a joke on us.
  • She loves riding "el caballo".  Jonathan takes her for horse rides a lot.  She grins and squeals with delight the whole time.
  • Rory enjoys giving kisses (whenever we tell her "Beso!"), high fives, and waving.
  • Going for walks in the Ergo or her stroller.
  • Dancing and listening to mommy sing "This Little Light of Mine."
  • She thinks it's hysterical whenever she bonks her head...which happens a lot.
  • In 13 months, Rory has been to 10 states: Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, and California


Anonymous said...

Lovely Post :)

Emgy said...

My goodness she has sure grown!! Even between the 12 month and 13 month photo I see such a difference!

Sounds like shes a ball of fun to hang out with! Great work mom & dad.