Thursday, November 24, 2011


We like to call this room in our new house "The Safari Room" for
obvious reasons, compliments of the previous homeowners. 
Right now it is completely and totally empty because we
don't have enough furniture to fill up our entire house.  That
should be changing within the next few months.
We specifically waited until Thanksgiving to share this post, because no other word could better describe the news we are about to share. 

Since my last post about waiting for adoption, in typical Pascual style, things have changed.  A few days after we had accepted the fact that it may be years before we bring our child home, we found out about a situation that required quick action.  There was an urgent need and no one stepped up to fill it.  So we took a week and a half to pray.  In that time, a lot of things happened: we bought a house, moved into a house, Jonathan went to Guatemala, and I broke my arm and had surgery.  But the biggest thing that happened is that we found our children.  That's right, children. Jonathan and I are pursuing and waiting on a referral for a set of sweet, adorable, precious three-and-a-half-year-old twin girls.  Yep, read it again: We're adopting twins!!!!!

We can't give a lot of information at this time, but we can say that we are are hoping to bring the girls home in the spring.  However, we also realize that there are many factors out of our control and that adoptions rarely go as planned.  Unplanned and unpredictable situations seem to go well for us, so we're not worried.  We're excited!

Seeing as how this is moving more quickly than we thought, we've been thrown into full-on "nesting" mode.  Adoption nesting is somewhat different from pregnancy nesting, in that for us to get ready, the main thing we can do is pray persistently and faithfully for our girls.  No amount of healthy eating or extra ultrasounds can help us on this journey, but Christ alone will be their caregiver.  Will you join us in prayer for them?

The other part of nesting is the tangible physical preparation.  And for us, that means diving head-first into the fundraising portion of our adventure to bring our girls home.   I'll do another post on the details of our fundraising, but until then check out the yellow button to the right that says "Donate".  That will be the primary way we will be collecting the almost $30,000 we need to bring not one, but two children home to their forever family.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us.  We are excited and not-so-patiently awaiting the day we get to see our girls face to face.  We love them and are devoted to them in the same ways expecting parents are devoted to their unborn children.  We realize this may be the hardest thing we will ever do, but the greatest challenges often produce the sweetest results.  It will be worth it.  Until the day when our family is all together, our hearts will be torn between two continents, but there is a new song being written and a new family being knit together even as I write this.  I couldn't imagine anything sweeter.

We are so very thankful.


Emgy said...

God is great!

MelissaQ said...

Not sure how I found this blog, but I saw the pic of the cute but empty room, so, I read on, and all I have to say is WOW, and yes God is Good! Congratulations on your twins. It takes a special kind of person to adopt, and I know there is a special place in Gods kingdom for those who give of themselves in this way. God Bless

mary said...

wow, wow, wow - so happy for you - two!!! our twin girls are six and it's been such joy. rory will have two big sisters! how fun. so happy for you and yes, praying for their hearts and for the $!

mary said...

so happy for you!!!

Faith said...

I don't even know you but I am so thrilled for you! Thank you for your ministry of adoption that I'm sure isn't always easy. My husband and I hope to adopt in the future so I may be messaging you for some advice:)
I'm following you now to stay updated!