Friday, December 09, 2011

16 Months of Rory

Rory is 16 months today.  Really, when does it stop getting more and more fun?  Every month is better than the last!

Last month's Rory-isms were short, so here's a more detailed update:
  • Rory still loves blowing kisses, giving high fives and fist bumps.
  • She's still afraid of pretty much anyone who might try to pick her up.
  • She loves singing songs and reading books with animals so she can make the noises too.  She mimics a dog, cat, duck, cow, bear, dinosaur, and a train (not an animal, I know).
  • She's learning more and more body parts.
  • Today while I was playing with her, she randomly laid on her tummy and started doing pushups.  Apparently her dad does push ups with her pretty often.
  • Speaking of her dad, he's definitely her favorite.  She will choose him over me 9/10 times.  I get it though.  He's her primary caregiver and has been doing even more since I broke my arm.  
  • She's started mimicking me when I tell her no.  Not my favorite thing...
  • She still eats like a maniac.  It's exhausting trying to come up with enough food to give her.
  • The stairs in our new house are new for her as well.  She loves crawling up them but learned the hard way that she needs help going down them.  Yep, she barrel rolled down the entire flight.  I'm happy to say that I wasn't home when that happened.  She recovered within minutes and doesn't even have a bruise to show for it.  I guess all of that chunk is good for something!
  • She is officially weaned from the bottle and milk altogether since she won't drink it.  (Don't worry mom.  She gets plenty of calcium from all of the other dairy we feed her.)  I can't tell you how happy I was to get rid of that bottle cleaner!


Emgy said...

Wow! I can't believe how grown up she looks!! Its amazing how fast they grow and how fast they learn.

We FINALLY had ours last Friday. =) I now get to use your blog as a reference!

bum-ble said...

awwwh rory is soo cutee <3
and i think it'd be incredibly funny to see her mimic you :P