Friday, December 02, 2011

Coming Home

In my previous post, I briefly mentioned that we're trying to fundraise some of the estimated $30,000 of adoption expenses it will take to bring our twin girls home.  30k is a lot of money, we get it.  But it covers a lot of things.  Physicals, FBI background checks, agency fees, home study, plane tickets, visas and notary fees... just to name a few. 

We are asking for help from our friends and family because we know that we cannot do this on our own.  That doesn't mean simply the finances, but everything else that comes with growing our family and raising girls.  It truly "takes a village", and we are so very thankful for the tremendous support that we know many of you will be our entire lives.  We also know that as we serve in unity every step of the way - from helping to pay for adoption, to babysitting, to being a role model for our kids - God will be glorified all the more.

We're trying to come up with creative ways to help raise funds.  Any suggestions are welcome!  For now, we've got some really great offers for people who are interested in helping bring the twins home from Africa.

  • For ANY donation, you will receive a small thank-you gift as a reminder to pray for our family and the estimated 147 million orphans around the world.
Please check out our facebook page here for the great things you can buy.  100% of the proceeds go toward our adoption.

How can you donate?  Look for the yellow "Donate" button on the right sidebar.  Click that and it will take you to PayPal to facilitate the rest.  Once we receive notice of your contribution, we'll email you about your thank-you gift!  And if it's important to you to get a receipt for tax deduction purposes, make checks payable to "Bringing Them Home"(please do not write our names anywhere on the check), enclose a separate note that says "For Jonathan and Sarah Pascual", and send the check and note to:

Bringing Them Home
PO Box 19212
Denver, CO 80219

Thank you so much for your support!  And keep checking in because we'll continue to add new fundraising opportunities.


    Emgy said...

    It would be really neat to see some sort of tracking on the funds needed & funds received on your blog.

    Sarah said...

    Great idea Emgy! We're on it!!!! Is baby here yet???

    Emgy said...

    Against all my She is proving to be on stubborn child. I'm due on Tuesday, so here is hoping for this week!!!