Monday, December 05, 2011

We Are Grafted In

Hey, I have a guest post up today on my favorite adoption blog, We Are Grafted In.  Check it out at:


Julie Hulsey said...

love this Sarah....thank you for sharing your heart. Every word you wrote is sooo true on the adoption journey. BUT....oh my, so worth it! I cant wait to meet these precious girls.

Emgy said...

That was a very well written piece! Just know your not alone. My husband and I have friends who are going through the adoption process.

We've encouraged them the WHOLE way!

I certainly hope that you and your family get the answers to your prayers that your wanting!

heather k said...

Hey Sarah! I found your blog through your post on "We are Grafted In". We are in the process of adopting from my husband's home country the Bahamas, and we have one son now who is 20 months old. We have been met with many of the same questions, which like you said can really sting. I was so encouraged by your blog post and perspective and how you share why you guys are adopting with others. I am going to save the link to your blog post because I think when the time comes for us to share on our family blog that we are adopting, I might link to have worded our own thoughts so well. I couldn't have said it any better myself. Thank you for sharing your heart, it was so encouraging!