Saturday, January 14, 2012

17 Months of Rory

It really just keeps getting better and better doesn't it?

  • In the last month, Rory has made the transition of exactly 11 hours of sleep a night to 12 or 13.  The only bummer about that is I don't always get to see her before I leave for work in the morning.  She's still taking two 1-2 hour naps a day as well.
  • Her language has really exploded.  She mimics every word we say.  She regularly requests "gaga" since we offer her agua.  She also requests "kah-wee" (coffee) since she sees mom and dad drink it every day.  She occasionally counts to three, but usually just crosses her fingers (like in the above picture).  She also learned the word "no" around Christmas time and used it freely with her very affectionate and loving cousin.
  • She's definitely a little lady.  She loves putting on jewelry and headbands and then grinning at and giving herself kisses in the mirror.  She also loves her pink cowgirl boots almost as much as I do.
  • She loves doing anything we do: cleaning up, getting dressed, laundry (check out the video below), roasting coffee, playing with tools, baking, etc.  She's definitely daddy's little helper.
  • She loves playing jokes on mommy and daddy too.  In the mornings, she'll cry out when she wakes up.  When we walk into her room, she's usually standing at our crib, but the moment she sees us, she throws herself down onto the mattress and pretends she's sleeping.  Then she opens her eyes and giggles.  She also thinks burping and tooting are hysterical.  She tries to fake burps so she can laugh about them.

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Kathryn said...

You are indeed blessed! Enjoy this toddler time, things will change rapidly when the twins arrive.