Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adoption T-Shirts

We're selling these awesome t-shirts to raise money to bring home our twin girls from Africa!

The shirt (designed by Jonathan) is based off of the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.  The three cups represent the three rounds of coffee that are served to guests.  Participants in the ceremony usually converse and share about important life issues.  The first two rounds are called "abol" (meaning "first") and "tona" (meaning "second").  It is impolite to leave before the completion of the third round.  That final round is called "baraka" (meaning "blessing") and is considered to bestow a blessing on the participants.  "Baraka" is what is written in Ethiopian Amharic under the third cup on the t-shirt.

By helping to support our adoption, you are being a blessing to us and to our twin girls.  Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

The design has been printed on unisex American Apparel t-shirts.  The brown shirt is 100% Fine Jersey cotton, and the galaxy blue shirt is 100% Organic Fine Jersey cotton (super-soft!).

Both designs are available in S, M, and L.

How to order:
  1. Click on the yellow "Donate" button to the right of the blog to link to PayPal, and follow directions to donate money.  
  2. In the "Note" field, indicate how many shirts you would like of each color.
  3. Include $20 per shirt ordered.  For orders that need to be mailed (I can hand-deliver to Atlanta area), please include $5 per mailing address.

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