Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Uganda: Arrived Safely

After 3 flights and almost 30 hours of travel, we arrived safely in Kampala, Uganda last night. Rory did awesome on the flights, only getting a little fussy every now and then. The airline did end up misplacing (hopefully only temporarily) one of our bags. All things considered, we’re glad that it was just Sarah’s clothes and our court clothes rather than Rory’s food or diapers. We’re staying in a nice guest house with several other families from our agency who are today doing the embassy interview as one of the last steps in the whole process. When we arrived at the guest house they had to fire up the generator for a few minutes so we could have light to get all our stuff inside and get settled in our room. Apparently power outages happen pretty often here (Filipinos would call them “brown outs”.)

We went to the embassy ourselves this morning and got a list of things to work on before we request an interview appointment. Everyone was so nice there, and we got to chat with another adoptive mom from the States who has unfortunately had a crazy case and is going on 11 1/2 months in Uganda! Her situation is definitely the exception and we’re not worried about that happening to us.

Uganda is such a charming country! We love the brightly colored buildings, the red dirt, and all of the out-of-the-ordinary things we see like lots full of furniture for sale and women walking with 30lbs of bananas on their heads. Rory adores riding in the car without a car seat and grins and waves at everyone she sees.

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