Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Uganda: Daddy's Highlights So Far

Please be in prayer for our meeting with the judge in court tomorrow! We’ll write more detailed posts about what’s going with everything, but since so much has been happening and we’ve now had custody of the girls for two days, I just wanted to list my highlights so far (before I forget)…
  • At church on Sunday, I was holding Favor and she fell asleep in my arms. As I stood and swayed to the lively music, I felt a warm sensation all over… unfortunately not the warm fuzzies in my heart – it was PEE, all over my pants and soaking through to my underwear, down my right leg and soaking my shoe and sock, producing a food-wide puddle around my feet. That was only halfway through the 3-hour-long service, I stayed in that spot until the end, and nobody said a word about the whole thing.
  • The girls have no self-control with putting “yucky” things in their mouths. They’ll lick anything from chairs to fence poles, and this morning I caught Faith with gum in her mouth – and we never gave her any.
  • For our first night together, we tried out a “family bed”, mainly because it was our only option. Those kids are floppy sleepers! After not being able to sleep next to Faith for a few hours, I crawled to the foot of the bed where there was room and got at least a little rest.
  • The girls definitely aren’t anywhere near functional in English, so we’ve had to learn some Rutooro phrases. My repertoire so far: Do you want to pee? Do you want to poop? Water. Stop! Don’t cry. Are you fine?
  • My wife is incredible. Sarah has done an amazing job with the twins so far, and even right now she’s outside with the twins, letting me stay in the hotel room while Rory naps so that I can grab a few minutes of sanity. Faith and Favor love Sarah, and often prefer to be held by her than by me. While we drove for an hour in the car today, all three kids were in the backseat with her, with the twins both napping on her lap.
  • Like I said, we’ll post about more later. Keep an eye out on Facebook because we post random tidbits and photos there occasionally. Thanks for joining us in this journey!

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