Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Uganda: Our New Forever

My darling Faith,

Yours was the first face I saw through the bars of your window. You were sitting around the table waiting for lunch, peeking out over the other heads to see who the visitor was. Your eyes were so bright and your smile so big, I wanted to run into that room and sweep you out of your chair and cover you with hugs and kisses. You are sweet, beautiful, and have a gloriously large heart that is ready to be loved forever. And we are so, so ready to love your heart. You ate lunch quickly, finished off a couple of others kid’s plates, and ran to us as soon as you were excused from the table. You were very possessive of my lap and looked into my eyes and I got to see your huge, beautiful grin up close. Then, you joined in song and dance with the other kids. You aren’t shy when it comes to dancing and you keep up with all of the big kids well. The very first thing Pastor Abel said to me about you is that you are a gifted leader. You are always leading and guiding the others into what you want to do. Mama Faith told me the same thing and said she thinks you are like her; and Mama Faith has changed this city. I cannot wait to see what God is going to do through you, my little Lioness.

My sweet, sweet Favor,

How could I miss those round cheeks and big eyes looking into mine from your lunch table? Even though you’re not allowed to leave until you’re done, you squirmed out of your chair and went to the edge of the room to get as close to us as possible. When you were excused, you dove into your Daddy’s lap and immediately began singing, “Mommy and Daddy you are welcome” over and over again. Sometimes you got confused about who is mommy and daddy, but it just made us all laugh. And your dancing is amazing! You’re a natural! I can tell you’re a little bit shy about dancing publicly, but your love for dancing outweighs your shyness so you jump in with all the other kids fearlessly. To get to know your daddy, you felt all over his head and face and you loved beeping his nose. You are a sweet one who loves to play. We are so thankful for you and your sweet spirit. I think you are a gentle, kind, beautiful daughter of the King. I adore you.

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