Saturday, March 31, 2012

19 Months of Rory

We are currently at about 19 months and 3 weeks, but who can blame me for being behind?  The pictures, however, were actually taken at 19 months.

This was a BIG month for Rory.  She visited two countries, got about 1359 shots (more like 3), and became a little sister!

While in Uganda, Rory was amazing.  I think she's got her mommy and daddy's adventuresome spirits, because she settled into Africa perfectly.  She never stopped grinning when zooming down the road without a car seat, didn't bat an eye when mommy dressed her up in boots, long pants and long sleeves in 90 degree weather to help prevent mosquito bites (i.e. malaria), ate Ugandan food like a champ, became best friends with Uncle Ken, a Ugandan friend of ours, and didn't even seem to notice the 8 hour time difference.  She definitely didn't turn down a caramel waffle cookie from Amsterdam either.

Here's proof of Uganda: Rory standing in a pineapple farm.

And, we've got the good ole Amsterdam self-take.

And, as always, I'm amazed at how she's changed!

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