Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Finale

Our girls are home, life is good.  Watch the story for yourself here at the Blume Photography website.  We are so grateful to them for filming our homecoming!

More pictures and stories to come!  We are officially back to public blogging.  :)


Elizabeth M. said...

SUCH a beautiful video:) Congratulations!

Laurayne said...

Such a wonderful video to have forever! I must admit...I had a chuckle at Rory's look of uncertainty after meeting her new sisters! Almost as if to say "hey, thats MY daddy" The girls (all 3) are just precious and I can't wait to follow more of your journey here. Peace and blessings!


Emgy said...

That video brought tears to my eyes. It truly is precious!

I look forward to following your blog some more as life with 3 little beautiful girls explodes into laughter & tears!