Thursday, March 08, 2012

In Uganda: Firsts

Quick update: We’re still waiting on the twins’ Ugandan passports which have been promised and not received almost every single day this week. The excuses we got? Tuesday: “The guy who needs to sign some form wasn’t in, so it couldn’t get signed.” Wednesday: “The passports got printed, but the system crashed so they had to wait on IT to get there so they could plug them in the system. Thursday: “Oops, it’s a holiday – Women’s Day. All government offices are closed.”

But it looks like as long as we get the passports in hand sometime Friday or early Monday morning, we can still probably file on Monday morning and ask to get a US Embassy visa interview on Monday afternoon, which would get us visas and tickets out by Wednesday at the earliest!

This morning was really sweet… Both Faith and Favor woke up at almost the exact same moment around 6:45, and they were full of energy. They rolled around the bed and hopped on top of me giggling and smiling. They saw I was awake and they gave me kisses without me prompting them. I loved it!

Nap time today, on the other hand, had me putting them both in their first simultaneous time-out because they wouldn’t listen to me and thought it was funny to take turns screaming in my ear.
My aunt Joanne arrived late last night! She’s been so gracious to volunteer her time to help with the girls as we wrap things up and prepare to fly back home. I’m thankful she’s here!

Yesterday was a cool day of “firsts” for the girls. All the adoptive families who are in the guesthouse with me went out to a mall for lunch. At the restaurant they had a kid play area complete with dual trampolines, video games, and a kid movie theater. Faith and Favor spent tons of time on the trampolines, and I’m guessing they never got to see or play on them before.

In the mall we took an elevator up a couple floors, and I watched closely as the girls got in with no problem and then had wide-eyed looks of amazement when the doors opened to an entirely different place. They kept looking around and smiling their big grins.

After playing some more on the mall playground, we got ice cream for all the kids. Their orphanage didn’t ever have ice cream – let alone a fridge – so I again watched their reactions for another first. They tasted it and made funny looks. Faith dove right in and ate tiny spoonfuls, but Favor kept poking her spoon at the ball of ice cream and then licking what little bit stuck to the spoon. (They don’t really know how to use utensils yet btw.) Favor’s ice cream ended up melting completely, so I just got her a straw to use. She happily slurped up the melted bowlful! I’m guessing that milkshakes might be a better choice for her.

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