Friday, March 02, 2012

In Uganda: Update and Stories from Jonathan

Quick rundown on what’s going on:
  • Thanks for praying for our court appointment. Now that we’re one happy family, we are free to post fun pictures of the Pascual 5!
  • We’re back in Kampala, taking care of all the necessary things to obtain visas for the twins so that they can go home to the States.
  • Sarah and Rory depart tomorrow, leaving me alone with Faith and Favor until my aunt gets here on Tuesday. Pray for my sanity!
  • Though we have an internet connection, it’s still too weak to post a ton of pics and videos, but we’ll do that whenever we can!
Okay, on to my favorite part about blog posts…

The Twins and Animals
One of the steps to getting visas is getting the girls medical examinations. We went to the appropriate office this morning, and on the way the girls of course kept saying “Noyenda kupama!” which means, “I have to poop!” We told them to wait, and when we were in the waiting room I took them one at a time to the bathroom. When Faith and I went, I saw a tiny lizard on the wall next to the sink. I thought it was a great idea to say, “Look Faith! A little lizard!” Well, when she looked she lost her mind and started screaming and jumped into my arms. Thankfully it didn’t literally scare the crap out of her, but she was definitely too scared to drop her pants and sit on the toilet, so we had to go back to the waiting room.

We’ve learned the twins seem to be afraid of a lot of animals, especially dogs. There were a couple of really tame dogs at the orphanage, but we heard that the house moms would sometimes tell the children that the dogs would get them if they didn’t do what they were told. So whenever we walked in the yard outside and came near the dogs, Faith and Favor would jump into our arms and cling tightly to us, while Rory would say, “Doggie! Woof woof!” and would run up to pet them.

Nighttime Fun

Three nights ago, we were sleeping soundly with the twins in one bed and Sarah and me in another (with Rory on the floor in her baby tent). Two hours after lights out, I woke up to find Favor on the floor next to their bed. She had fallen out and fallen about a foot and a half but didn’t even wake up. I got her comfy with a pillow and blanket, left her there, and I went back to sleep. Maybe an hour later, we heard a thump and two high-pitched screams. I jumped out of bed to find Faith on top of Favor, both of them screaming bloody murder! I picked Faith up off her sister, tossed her onto her side of the bed, and quickly put Favor down next to her. They both calmed down immediately and fell asleep again, probably never even realizing what had happened. Sarah and I then pushed our bed next to theirs to prevent further catastrophe. What can we expect after the girls spent their whole lives sleeping in cribs at the orphanage?

Twins' cribs

Nighttime Fun Part 2

Last night we got everyone in bed and tried to fall asleep. At first we experienced what has become the nightly ritual of Favor crying herself to sleep for about 15 minutes. Then Sarah and I laid in our bed (of course pushed up next to the girls’ bed), chatted and prayed and fell asleep ourselves. Just before midnight though, the comedy started. Faith kicked it off with waking up, sitting up screaming and pointing at something random in the room, which woke up Favor and she joined in the screaming and pointing too. They both were flailing around, so Sarah and I jumped into action and each took a girl to calm them down. After maybe 10 min of shushing and cuddling, things started to quiet down, just in time for Act 2. Off to the side we heard some swishing and a loud thump, and then Rory was screaming suddenly. She had shifted and rolled her tent off the bed, trapping herself between the bed and the wall! (Don’t worry grandmothers, it wasn’t a life-or-death situation.) I rushed over and rescued her, but not before the twins started screaming and wailing again. Sarah got overwhelmed and said, “I need your help!!!” I zipped Rory back in the tent (still crying) and grabbed Faith, and Sarah scooped up Favor and went back for Rory. Then in my arms Faith was screaming and crying and pointing and saying something about Favor, which really to me sounded like she thought Favor was being kidnapped. Sarah had the presence of mind to realize the twins were probably just confused as to where they were, so she flipped on the bathroom light so they could see. Favor continued to cry and pointed at our comforters which were all flowery until we took all of them off the beds. Then, we all sat on one of the three beds and caught our breath, and everyone stopped crying, but everyone was also wide awake. Sarah paused a moment and said simply, “We’re outnumbered.” And we couldn’t help but laugh.

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