Thursday, March 22, 2012

Survival (à la) Mode

Today is the first day Sarah officially went back to work post-"homecoming", which means it's my first official day as Mr. Mom to three girls.  How is everything going?  Uh... surprisingly well.  At this moment the girls are playing quietly by themselves (a somewhat rare occurrence), so I thought I'd take a moment and write a blog post.  It would take forever to talk about everything, so let me tackle three topics real quick, and throw in pics of our girls...

  • Language: The twins are very slowly learning English phrases.  They've successfully used: more, water, please, thank you, I'm finished, Mommy and Daddy.  Adoptive families tell us it could take up to a year before they get anywhere near catching up to conversational English.  Faith and Favor definitely still talk to each other in Rutooro, and every now and then we catch them making jokes about "poo poo".

  • Sleeping: I'm still co-sleeping with the girls because we think that they're transitioning better that way.  We do our bedtime routine of reading books and praying, and within 25 minutes of lights-out they're both fast asleep.  I sneak away to spend a couple hours with Sarah, but then I get back into bed with the girls.  So far almost every night either Faith or Favor will wake up and whine or cry for a few seconds until I hug them and reassure them back to sleep.  In the morning I try to sneak out again for about 10 minutes to make a cup of coffee, which I have to then drink in their room or else they wake up frantic to find me (which happened once).  For the record, they sleep at least 10 hours at night and Favor naps for about 1 1/2 hours midday.
  • Discipline: Whoa buddy, this is a biggie.  Most people know that Rory is basically the easiest kid in the world, making us totally inexperienced in the discipline department.  We started in Uganda and have continued here with time-outs and time-ins as discipline (we actually signed some agreement as part of our home study that said we won't spank our kids... doesn't really matter; neither Sarah nor I were spanked as children).  Bottom line is that previously Faith and Favor had practice behaving only for the general orphanage events such as mealtime, bedtime, or church.  All other time was unstructured and they could really get away with anything they wanted.  They could snatch away toys, hit other kids, and eat gum off the street, all with no fear of consequences.  What we're doing right now is forming their sense of boundaries and right and wrong, and reinforcing our roles as authority figures in their lives.  
So... we're in survival mode.  But we're not completely exhausted, falling into bed sobbing every night... By God's grace, we survive and thrive.  We're taking all the challenges head-on, and we rejoice as our new sense of family is forming for all.  Sarah and I even get to spend late evenings cuddling on the couch and eating bowls of ice cream.  I dub it, "survival à la mode".

P.S.  The "girls playing quietly by themselves" only lasted until I finished typing the first paragraph :)

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jennifer anderson said...

kids always want you if you are busy doing something,,,like talking on the phone, watching a good movie, or reading the bible etc., ..but if you sit there and do absolutely nothing, then they don't want you for anything. lol