Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Uganda-Part 1

I suppose it's about time to share about our time in Uganda.  Since we have a lot of pictures, I'm going to break it up into multiple posts. 

About an hour before we were supposed to leave for the airport, we got a phone call saying that our Ugandan court date had been cancelled and we would have to postpone our trip.  We were disappointed to say the least and just waited around to find out what was next.  We received a call the next day saying we had been rescheduled for 5 days later.  We decided to go ahead and get on a plane and head out even though I'd have less time in country with the girls since I couldn't change my return flight.

Jonathan and I both love traveling, and I guess Rory was born with it in her genes as well, because she traveled like a dream.  We flew from Atlanta to Amsterdam to Nairobi to Kampala.  I think from leaving our house to arriving at our guesthouse, we were en route for about 30 hours.
Our only picture from Kenya.
Getting off the plane in Africa awoke a piece of my heart that had been dormant for awhile.  As the smell of heat and dirt washed over me, I felt home again. 

Rory and I shared a twin bed that night and we all did a decent job sleeping through the night.  We spent the next 5 or so days with three amazing families who had adopted from the same orphanage a couple of weeks before us and were just waiting on visas.  It felt so refreshing to talk adoption with people who were in the same place of passion and knowledge as we were.

More than anything, I loved experiencing the beauty and glory of a country and continent that is so different than the one I live in.

She loved the mosquito nets.

The view from our guesthouse.

We're hard core.  We brought home roasted coffee to Africa and drank it out of sippy cups.
Rory adored riding in the car sans seat belt.  There I am rocking Jonathan's shirt since my luggage got lost for 3 days.

The funniest experience was when a police officer with a machine gun strapped across his back started cooing at Rory and gave her a high five. 

The woman in the picture made the basket she's holding, which is now in our house!

There are thousands of necklaces made out of paper and glue.

International adventures are in her blood.

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll see pics of the twins carrying dolls on their backs like this woman did with her baby.

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